Merit Starlit not only provides you a magnificent real estate located in the very center of Montenegro, once you own the Starlit Residence, you will also step into the Merit world full of privileges.

A new social environment

Merit International provides not only an investment opportunity with Merit Starlit Hotel & Residence but also offers you consulting services and business opportunities in Montenegro. We provide lawyers, financial consultants, tour guides, translators, and assistants to our investors through our business and solution partners that we have been working with for many years. In this way, under the guarantee of Merit, whether you want to start a new life,  creating new ventures in Montenegro, or just for a tourist trip, all the services you need can be able to access.

Rental return in euros

Budva, where the number of tourists has doubled every year, has only 1,500 five-star hotel beds. This means that investing in Merit Starlit Residences will bring unprecedented returns to 49 lucky investors. The owners of Merit Starlit Residences will be able to hand over the investment financial management to Merit professionals if they wish. Merit International has a wide customer portfolio, even if you are far away, you can easily benefit from property leasing services. The rental return on your property is calculated in Euros, so that you will benefit from the consistency of Montenegro and its currency, which will not only reduce the risk of investment returns, but also get additional income from Euro currency parity.